Thursday, 21 December 2017

Man Leaves His Phone Number Behind After He Bashed A Car In The Owner’s Absence In Lagos (Photos)

An unidentified man man left his phone number behind after bashing a vehicle in the owner’s absence in Lagos.
The owner of the car, Larry Mc coy took to Twitter to share the photos and wrote;
“I still can’t believe there are still normal people in this new Lagos, Some1 hit my car where i parked and wrote his number on the dusty trunk.”
Wow, this actually happened in Lagos.
See more pictures and some reactions below;

Onunkwo Chikarito Maturity they say is not really by age rather how we react to things especially when no one is watching us!!!
The man that bashed the car had opportunity of leaving the scene without a trace of him but he decided to let we know that we gat good men within us…… Bless up bro and may people respect your absence just like you respected someone’s own
Jokotade Ojuolape I have done same before, i wrote my no and put it under d wiper of his screen d man called me and my mechanic fixed it for him. There was no evidence to show that I batched any car on mine
Immany Alexander Hmmm… This reminded me about what happened to my dad, he was nice to a fault even when he was managing. About 4 years ago My dad bashed a man’s car in his absence when he was trying to reverse, he then parked his car and waited for the man, while he sat on his car and started reading news paper about 30 Mins later the man didn’t show up, he then called me on phone and said he bashed a man’s car but couldn’t find him, I started laughing and told him to come home, but he refused, it was about 1 hour time, the owner of the bashed car showed up, and he happened to be a Catholic Knight. So my dad explained to him and said he is sorry though it was just a little scratch.. The man look at my dad straight in his eyes and said “u must be very stupid” he jacked my dad on his shirt and insisted that my dad must repair his car instantly, that was when my dad called me agian and I had to locate where they are. When I got there the man has already called his mechanic, I pleaded with my dad, but the man refused, the mechanic said it would cost 4o thousand naira, my dad insisted on taking the car to his own mechanic because he had no money and it would be cheaper, but the man said no, I started raising my voice at the man, because he was so annoying, I could have beat him up, but my dad asked me to shut up.. so my dad had to call his friend and borrowed money from him, to be paid month end. The matter pain me reach boneπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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